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Friday 8 October 2021

Enlightened Restoration Acquires Epic Estimates

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Press Release

Enlightened Restoration Acquires Epic Estimates

November 22, 2021

Enlightened Restoration Solutions (ERS), a leader in advanced training for estimating, pricing and budgeting, has announced today the acquisition of Epic Estimates, a remote estimating service that creates your Xactimate estimate for contractors, consultants and adjusters.

Started in 2016 by Xactimate Certified Trainer Ben Justesen, ERS has trained thousands of contractors to utilize their own financials in pricing and looking at projects pragmatically to make their estimates. ERS saw an opportunity to help contractors that needed to implement all the principles that were being taught and wanted to expedite that by being able to do it for them with the acquisition of Epic Estimates.
“The contractors of our industry need to get ahead by making their own prices, estimating jobs practically with an eye on components, and be able to have the documentation needed to negotiate the scope of work. To expedite this, I saw Epic Estimates as a vehicle to put to practice the things we teach and do it for contractors that have not been able to do it for themselves,” said Ben Justesen, President of ERS.

Epic Estimates has their new website up and accepting estimates.

The services will include:

-Making estimates based on 360 technology and accurate scopes

-Estimate reviews

-Estimate re-writes

-Providing documentation to justify line items

-Creating a price list for a contractor based on their financials

-Doing pricing feedback

-Extracting budget data from the estimate

Ben also stated, “This move will allow all restoration contractors to afford the ability to have estimates written by Level 3 estimators that have been trained by an Xactimate Certified Trainer for their company’s actual Gross Profit Margin. You can’t afford not to use us.”